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27 Aug 2004

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The Baldwins and Davenports in North Adams, Massachusetts

On 26 April 1910, Sherwood, Sybil and Dorothy Baldwin where living in German Flatts, Herkimer County, New York. Less than a year later (when the 1911 North Adams City Directory in Berkshire county, Massachusetts was published), the Baldwins were living in North Adams at 354 Church Street. 354 Church St. was the home Arthur Davenport's father, Ammon, built in 1898. The following were residents at that address in 1911: Arthur and wife Elizabeth Davenport, Julia Davenport (widow of Ammon), Mrs. Anna E. Baker (Arthur's sister), Sherwood, Sybil and Dorothy Baldwin, and Augusta C Dunton who was listed as a boarder. The home must have been quite large. Typically these homes were two stories, with a basement and a large attic. It is know that the Davenport house was built 47 feet wide at the front and 50 feet deep (a footprint of 2,350 square feet).
The Baldwins must have known the Davenports prior to moving from German Flatts to North Adams, as the 1911 directory shows Arthur Davenport and Sherwood Baldwin already working in the same business together at an auto garage on 106½ Main St. Since the 1910 census shows Arthur as both a dentist and an "auto agent" in North Adams and Sherwood Baldwin as a "Machine maker" in German Flatts, it is assumed Arthur owned the business while Sherwood provided his mechanical skills to tend to these early automobiles. Whatever the case, by 1914 the two would definitely be in business together. From the local newspaper, The North Adams Transcript, it can be established that Arthur Davenport, D.D.S., had an interest in bicycles and sold them at least during the 1890's. This interest and side-business evolved into that of automobiles.
After having been in the automobile business together for several years and with their families living in the Davenport house at least from 1911 to 1914, Sherwood W. Baldwin and Arthur E. Davenport parted company. Their parting occurred by 1917, for in that year Sherwood was living at 43 Highland Ave. and Arthur was living at 104 1/2 Main St. The 1917 directory had no occupation listed for Arthur, whereas Sherwood was listed as "pres Hoosac Auto Supply Co" and proprietor of Baldwin's Garage at 106 Main St. Arthur's sister Anna Baker was living in the Davenport house. Arthur's wife Elizabeth may have died before this time. The 1919 directory has Arthur living back at the Davenport house at 354 Church St.--where his sister Anna and her son Roy Davenport Baker lived--and his office at 102 1/2 Main St. Both the 1917 and 1919 directories show no sign of Arthur in the automobile business and it is likely he stayed with his dentistry practice. The 1919 directory shows no sign of Sherwood Baldwin.
It is unfortunate that Sherwood and daughter Dorothy cannot be found in the 1920 or 1930 federal censuses, but it is known they were eventually living in Wickford, Rhode Island. This is evidenced by the 1945 obituary of Sherwood's sister, Sadie B. Mack, which states, "Survivors are her husband, one brother, Sherry W. Baldwin, of Wickford, R.I., and a sister, Miss Elizabeth G. Baldwin, of this city [Pittsfield, MA]". However, the 1920 census shows Arthur E. Davenport and Sybil E. (Banker Baldwin) Davenport, along with Anna Baker, were living at the Davenport house on Church St. This is the first indication that Sybil, former wife of Sherwood W. Baldwin, was divorced from Sherwood and was remarried to Arthur E. Davenport, Sherwood's former business partner. It seems Arthur and Sybil left North Adams by 1922, as Arthur was not listed in the directory. In the 1930 census, they are living in Lewis, Essex County, New York. This is the town were Sybil's father, Loyal Banker, was also living. In 1930, Arthur, at age 63, was no longer practicing dentistry. He and Sybil, age 46, must have lived in a fine house as it was valued at $10,000, one of the higher valued houses in the area.

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Below are selected document images consisting of Census, Directory, and Newspaper material. I have much more, but these should give you an example.

1898-03-25-MA-North_Adams-north_adams_transcript-soc-Davenport-newhouse (column 1)
1945-04-27-MA-Pittsfield-Berkshire_evening_eagle-p13-0bit-BaldwinSadie (column 4)

City Directory pages:
1911-MA-North Adams-CityDirectory-p097-BaldwinSherwood
1914-MA-North Adams-CityDirectory-p083-BaldwinSherwood
1914-MA-North Adams-CityDirectory-p131-DavenportArthur
1917-MA-North Adams-CityDirectory-p062-BaldwinSherwood
1917-MA-North Adams-CityDirectory-p114-DavenportArthur

Census pages:

Interesting Info and Links:
Old Postcards of North Adams and town streets (some of Church Street where the Davenports and Baldwins lived)

I found this interesting drawing, by Arthur Davenport's father, Ammon! It is housed at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. I found it here, Click on the picture to the left to view a larger image.

Ammon Farnsworth Davenport Biography pages

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