Judy Jones' Urbas, Sodnik, Gerchman Family

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Birth and Baptism of Franciska Urbas

I translated a few words from the body of the certificate (within the thick-lined box). The line numbers refer to the right-hand lines:


Ellis Island Records

Here are Ship Manifest records for Franz Sodnik, Franz Gerchman and Franciska Urbas. I was not able to find a record for Matheus Urbas.

Franz Sondik - Ship Manifest
Franz Sodnik

11 Sep 1904 arrival

Franz Gerchman - Ship Manifest
Franz Gerchman

20 Oct 1904 arrival

Franciska Urbas - Ship Manifest
Franciska Urbas
 (Page 2)

17 May 1910 arrival


Census Records

1910 Census
Matheus Urbas in the 1910 Census
1910 Mattos Urbas
1910 Frank Sodnik
1910 Frank Gerchman

I believe I've found Mathius Urbas. The unfortunate thing is that the enumerator took the census on 7 May 1910. Your grandmother arrived 10 days later! I also find Frank Sodnik (spelled "Soudnik") and Frank Gerchman. These are the only candidates I could find, so they have a high likelihood of being the correct people.

1920 & 1930 Censuses
Frank Gerchman Family in the 1930 Census 1920 Frank Gerchman Family
1930 Frank Gerchman Family
1930 Frances E. Gerchman

The Frank and Frances Gerchman family is definitely found in these years. In 1930, Anna and William have the surname "Sodnick"! Not so in 1920, but it is commonly assumed by the census enumerator that the children all have the same surname as the father. In 1930, the eldest, Frances (Sodnik) Gerchman is knows as Frances E. Gerchman and is working in the Henry Anthony family in Hartford, CT.


Naturalization Records

Frank Gerchman's Naturalization
Frank Gerchman
 (Page 2)

11 Jan 1916 naturalization

Here are Frank Gerchman's naturalization records. This contains a description of him and his arrival information.


Military Registration

In addition, here is Frank Gerchman's World War I registration card. Unfortunately, It is not a clear image:
Frank Gerchman's WWI Registration Card.