David Willis Williams,
of Santa Cruz & Coffee Creek, California

          1 May 1936 - 3 February 2009

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~ Memorial Card ~

David W. Williams, Memorial Card Cover Memorial Card Cover.
Produced by Dave's son,
Rick Williams.

Hello friends and family of Dave,

We would like everyone who knew David to have his memorial/remembrance card. We have hundreds to distribute, so please ask for any amount you'd like.

This card is 5 1/2" by 8 1/2", has a high gloss finish, is UV coated to last. The reverse is filled with personal messages from his loved ones.

We can arrange several pickup/drop-off points: Santa Cruz, CA; Scotts Valley, CA; Watsonville, CA; Eureka, CA; Coffee Creek, CA and Austin, TX. If you would like cards sent to you, let us know. Please contact us. Enable Javascript to reveal email

Visit David's memorial Facebook page to view and submit photos and messages from family and friends: We Love David W. Williams. We'd especially love to see more messages. If you are not on Facebook, please send photos/memories to the contact above. Thank you!

Find David's obituary here: David Willis Williams' obituary.


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