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The photo was labled 'James Goddard'
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Milk Lid - The Comfort Dairy. Click to enlage.
A Milk Lid from the Comfort Dairy Farm.

Welcome to the Comfort/Cougher Family of Santa Cruz website.

( I've not updated the website in many years, but hope to transform and grow it if there is family interest. - Steve, 2015)

Robert Josiah Comfort, his wife Alice Lenora Cougher, and family left Westmoreland, Pottawatomie County, Kansas and settled in Santa Cruz about 1911. While the exact date of their arrival in Santa Cruz is not known, certainly the family had settled in by 1912, as they took deed to their Trevethan Avenue property on 17 April 1912.

These pages document the descendants and ancestors of the Comfort/Cougher Family.

Featured Biographies

Robert Josiah ComfortRobert Comfort

Robert was born 1867 in Pottawatomie County, Kansas to Josiah and Margaret Ann (O' Daniel) >>

Alice Lenora CougherAlice Cougher

Alice was born 1881 in Pennsylvania to John Glover and Clara (Beuhl) >>

John Glover Cougher
Born 1838 in Pennsylvania to George W. Cougher and Caroline Matilda Glover >>
Earliest Known Family Members

Comfort - Robart Comfort


Family Gatherings

Just a few pictures of various family gatherings and reunions ...

Christmas 1964 at the Williams' house.  Click to go to Family Gatherings page.

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